Good partner for foreign entrepreneurs

Intertax is the company, which will help You when starting your first business in Poland and You come from abroad. Providing the professionalism and highest level of services, we earned lots of satisfied clients. The mail fiedl of our operation is the accounting, administration advisory and tax VAT registration. Poland in the country, where we serve our services. Thanks to the big experience and practise with the work with companies, we managed to help lots of entrepreneurs to set up their firms. Big knowledge of our experts and direct contact with our customers are the important values and advantages of the cooperation with Intertax. Tax VAT registration (Poland is the country, where more and more entrepreneurs from abroad wish to run their business), full and professional advisory and accounting services are the key factors that can decide whether the company will achieve the success and big profits from the operation, or not. We explain all aspects and regulations, helping the companies to overcome them.

Nazwa: Kancelaria INTERTAX Bogusław Kędzior

Adres: Krakowska 17 33-100 Tarnów

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